208 Concealer Brush



・With yUKI's innovative idea married with the artisanship of Kumano Fude, the brush achieves the softest touch and natural powder absorbent effect as if it is made with natural animal hair. 

・The brush has a unique double-layered structure, a mixture of PBT (nylon, strong resistance towards oil and water), and AG-TAfrE® (an environmentally friendly synthetic fiber that uses corn-derived ingredients as part of the raw material. 

・The brush was design with a curve to fit every part of your face. 

・Ag (silver) material is blended into the fiber to achieve high antibacterial properties. 

Ingredients and Specification

・Bristle: 100% Synthetic 

・Bristle Length(from the bottom of the brush to the top of the tilt): 153mm

・Handle: Japanese Cherry Tree

*Since we use beautifully aged natural Japanese Cherry Tree, the grain patterns and color will vary from product to product. 

*Each brush bears a Kumano Brush ® brand stamp and comes with a serial number as proof of authenticity.

Best used for 

・Dark spots, blemishes, base color for the eye shadow

Use it With 

・Enhancing stick and oil or water base-foundation (liquid, cream, and powder type) 

How to Use (Regular/Pro)

・Apply BISOU enhancing stick or any concealer of your choice onto the brush. Apply it where you need the spot coverage, such as dark spots, blemishes. Or apply the enhancing stick directly on the skin where you need the coverage, and blend in with the brush.