yUKI Brush

High-end handmade brushes from the historical Kumano, Hiroshima prefecture where the world’s most exquisite brushes have been made for centuries.  Developed by yUKI TAKESHIMA, makeup artist and beauty innovator, and the only artisan who can craft brushes to match today’s modern makeup method, Tetsubune Takemori.  Brushes are precisely designed to feature a unique curve for the contours of the face with special cuticles that hold more product for the smoothest makeup application.  Each brush has the Kumano Brush ® brand stamp and a serial number as proof of authenticity.

Makeup Artist / Beauty Innovator

yUKI graduated from Christian Chauveau in Paris and worked as a makeup artist for high profile fashion shows in London, Milan and Paris. yUKI has contributed to the beauty industry for over 30 years, collaborating with prominent domestic + international fashion magazines, and providing makeup artistry for advertising campaigns.  Known for her innovative techniques and naturally flawless approach to makeup, yUKI launched “yUKI TAKESHIMA” with specialize products “yUKI Brush” and “BISOU”.  When global celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Miranda Kerr visit Japan, they ask for yUKI.

Writer / Former Kumano Brush Business Co-Chairman
Tesshu Takemori

Born in 1933, Tesshu Takemori is one of the most skilled brush artisans of our time.  By combining traditional brush techniques with modern standards, Tesshu improved the process and has created some of the most luxurious makeup tools today. The yUKI Brush Collection is made from carefully selected materials from all over the world and handcrafted with pride and great care.  Tesshu serves as Chairman for Chikuhodo Co., Ltd., makeup brush manufacturer.  

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