We have selected the most suitable yUKI brush for each customer's problem. Please refer to make-up brush selection.

Q1. シミを上手に隠したい

A1. Take a hard concealer with 007 and put the tip of the brush tip on your skin.

Q2. ニキビをカバーしてもよれてしまう

A2. If the skin surface appears like acne, you can put a hard concealer so that the surface is lightly tapped with 008.

Q3. 目の下のクマや小鼻の赤みが気になる

A3. It is recommended to cover with 007, which is a small circle, on the concave part of the face. Suitable for liquid foundations and soft concealers.

Q4. クリームチークの使い方がわからない

A4. Cream teak that is more familiar with the skin than powder type teak. By using 006, professional-grade natural teak is completed. The trick is to use it before putting the powder on it.

Q5. 小顔に見せるテクニックを教えて!

A5. Place a dark foundation close to the color of the neck along the contour of the face. You can make it look like a small face by making a shadow on the face outline. If you use 005 with a wide brush width, you can save time.

Q6. アイシャドウのグラデーションがうまくいかない

A6. Use 009 and gently blur the color along the eye hole. A natural three-dimensional feeling is born.

Q7. アイラインを自然に見せる方法が知りたい

A7. Blur the pencil or gel liner with 010 brush tip. In addition, you can create a deeper eye by blurring the eye shadow from above the eyeline.

Q8. 目元が印象的になるポイントを教えて!

A8. If you put a bright eyeshadow with pearls or lamés on the top of your eyes, the expression will become brighter. The small brush size 011 can be used like an eyeliner.

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