YUKI, a beauty artist and beauty innovator, proposes tools and solutions that enable anyone to bring out their original beauty beyond their age, gender, and skin color. Only you can be yours.


1980 - 99

An era of 700 yen per pound at that time. The hard-to-paid part-time job disappeared in a short period of time after a two-week stay, and then returned to the salesperson who worked at that time again… Still enjoying punk youth and street fashion on King's Road in LONDON People weren't forgotten, they saved money and went to England.


It didn't have any purpose, and I felt lonely with a single stylist Bag when I could come back to Japan. After a few months, a Frenchman asked me "What did you come to this country to do?" And replied, "If you can speak French and enjoy life" You can speak, find something you can enjoy while alive, and make it a profession! ”That was a very shocking word for me…. 

That was when I decided to do makeup. I recalled that my makeup-loving mother loved the makeup of kindergarten classmates at ballet presentations.

Then I quit French school and decided to enter makeup school.


At school, I became a trainee called Stage, and I was able to experience the backstage of Paris Collection and the scenes behind the scenes of movies, ballet and circus.


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From around this time, I entered the show makeup site for free and helped.

Pat McGrath女史に師事。

The first encounter was a request for help with the shooting of TOP MODEL at PARIS. After this day, I became an assistant to Ms. Pat, who was still unknown at that time, and after that, I learned make-up by her as I became a top-notch makeup artist while doing big work one after another.


Moved together as an assistant to Ms. Pat, who travels between Paris and NY. Year when encounters increased. I also did my test shooting at that time.

PARIS & 東京。

After Ms. Pat moved BASE to NY, she started her personal activities as a full-fledged makeup artist, going back and forth between PARIS and Tokyo. When I returned to Tokyo to start work and went around the office with BOOK, a president of a certain office said, “If you do in Japan, you have to do Hair. Unexpected words like "Oh!" At that time, Japan was a system where one person did hair and makeup. Meanwhile, people who agreed with my desire to compete with a single makeup appeared and cooperated in trying to sell it in Japan.

PARIS & 東京。

Although BASE was moved to Tokyo ... In Japan, where hair and makeup is a single job, it is difficult to work with one makeup. My handicap that I couldn't do with hair was big and I was desperate to find a hair partner and let Japan recognize the demand for make up artists.


Instructed Mac professional staff and participated as Make Head of Fashion show. In the Tokyo Collection Season, where Show stands, seeks to meet with the manager in charge with an assistant who can connect my dreams with the goal of creating a make-up team someday and creating a collection ... It came to be.


Around this time, I realized the importance of makeup tools. In particular, I decided to “propose the beauty of bare skin using makeup brushes” and began researching Kumano in Hiroshima.


Finally, I participated as a YUKI team at Shows at PARIS and MILANO. Comrades who started with one make-up in Tokyo in 1998 and have been walking together so far (Don't be an assistant, let me say comrades.) Because I met them, I was there I was able to fulfill my dream of creating a make-up team, and it was an era when hair and makeup were established as separate occupations in Japan.


Established his own company. Taking advantage of his experience as a professional make-up artist, 11 original makeup brushes were released for professionals as <YUKI BRUSH>. I went to Mr. Tetsufune Takemori, a craftsman I met in Kumano, Hiroshima, and made a brush filled with craftsmanship and the wisdom of Make up artist through repeated trial and error.

Participated in MO Management Office.
yUKI Brush PETITシリーズ発売。

Six small-sized <yUKI BRUSH-Petit series> are released for use by the general public and make-up artists. At the same time, the previous 11 books were divided into two lines as the <yUKI BRUSH-Pro Series>.

メイクブラシの<yUKI TAKESHIMA>ブランドリニューアルと共に新ブランド立ち上げ。

Utilizing the experience of collaborative development and makeup field so far, he is engaged in collaboration with other companies as a beauty innovator and cosmetic development as an advisor. In order to innovate not only in the cosmetics industry but also in the way of makeup itself, expand the field of activity both in Japan and overseas.